Worship with us

Here in Grass Valley, as in most of Nevada County, you will find a variety of people.

We at GVUMC recognize that, it’s easy to see for us

because we are made up of a variety of people.


That variety is wonderful!  In response to these different people,

we offer different worship styles.


We offer our traditional worship service.

This service appeals to a broad spectrum of folks and is warm and inviting.


We offer a contemplative worship service.

This service offers a very peaceful and soulful, deeply meaningful style.


We also offer a service that is geared toward young, very busy families.

This service starts off with a pot luck dinner and is held on specific Wednesday nights.

This is a high energy service that has parents and children actively involved in the worship service.


In addition to the worship services, Grass Valley UMC offers adult and children study programs.


Come, join us and see how many of these fit your own personality!

We look forward to seeing you.