Sunday School
Is for children 3 years old through 12 years, from 10:30 – 11:30 am.
You can find us on the first floor, room A, across from the office.
(Child care and activities are provided for all children, 8:30 – noon)
For the younger ones, the current Sunday School program is called Godly Play.
This is a hands-on curriculum of Bible stories, wondering about and discussing the parables and miracles of Jesus. the hour includes Bible stories, discussion, prayer, music and art,
all based on the love of Jesus.
For the older children, the current program is entitled, “A Joyful Path”, A unique and important aspect of this curriculum is that the lessons are both heart-centered and experiential. Through stories and activities, children’s bodies and feelings are engaged as well as their minds. Giving children experiences that are real and meaningful helps them integrate and apply the ideals of Progressive Christianity to their lives right now.
The lessons all relate to the following affirmations:
1. “The teachings of Jesus lead me to understand that I am one with all.”
2. “My heart is open to the wisdom teachings of the world.”
3. “I am part of the community of life that includes all people.”
4. “what I believe in my heart is what I show in my actions.”
5. “As I ask questions and try to understand, my heart and mind stay open.”
6. “I act with inner peace and fairness in all I do.”
7. “I love and take care of my earth home.”
8. “I will always look for ways to learn and be loving to others.”
Come early and participate in Sacred Music, with chimes and autoharps – 9:45 am