Sanctuary Weddings

The time of preparation for a wedding and for a Christian marriage should be an exciting and a joyous time.  We at the Grass Valley United Methodist Church rejoice each time that we can be part of such a grand celebration.  Marriage is a sacred covenant between a woman and a man, a commitment for a lifetime.  It is “therefore, not to be entered into unadvisedly, but reverently, discreetly,” and with a sense of humility and joy.  To this end, as pastor of the Grass Valley United Church, I hold to the following guidelines for couples seeking to have their wedding here or be married by me elsewhere.


  1. The appointed pastor of the Grass Valley United Methodist Church will be in charge of all weddings performed at this church.  The pastor must be notified at least 45 days prior to the wedding date.  With the pastor’s consent, other Clergy may be invited to officiate.


  1. The couple must be willing to take part in at least three pre-marital awareness sessions with the pastor.  These sessions usually last an hour, but may take longer.  Following the first sessions the pastor will indicate a willingness (or not) to perform the marriage ceremony.


  1. The FEE SCHEDULE for weddings in the church is as follows:


                                    ITEM                                                               FEE

                        Sanctuary use                                                            $500.00

  Church Organist                                                          $100.00

                        Pastor’s honorarium                                                   $200.00

                        Sound                                                                          $50.00


  1. The process for scheduling a wedding at the Grass Valley United Methodist Church is:
  2. Receiving an open date and time from the Church Administrative Secretary. (530) 272-1946
  3. Having the first premarital awareness session with the pastor.
  4. Paying a $150.00 non-refundable deposit within two (2) weeks following the first premarital session.  This is paid to: Grass Valley United Methodist Church at the church office and is applied to the fee total.


8. The pastor and the Grass Valley United Methodist Church do not consider a wedding scheduled until 4A, B, & C are completed.  Payment of all fees is due two weeks prior to the wedding including the pastor’s honorarium.  A portion of the fees may be waived for active members of the Grass Valley United Methodist Church family.

  9. Music is an important component in the wedding service.  The church organist may be available to play for all weddings in which organ music is involved.  It is your responsibility to contact the organist or to work out other arrangements in consultation with the pastor.  The church organist is Walli Ziegenhagen, and she can be reached at (530) 477-6058.  If you desire to use an organist other than our organist, you must receive approval from our organist. An additional fee of $25 is required for rehearsal when the organist accompanies a vocalist.

 10. A service of Christian marriage, whether elaborate or simple, is a worship experience.  No photographs may be taken during the ceremony.  Photos of the processional and recessional may be discreetly taken.  If videotaping is desired one stationary “unmanned” camera may be placed in the chancel area.  Additional videotaping may be done from the balcony.

 11. Audio equipment will available only by our personnel and must be arranged for through the Sound person no later than 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.

      All music / visuals must be in actual format and checked to see if compatible with our equipment.

 12. All music, speaking, poems, microphone use, visuals, power point, must be in written or actual format, no less than 2 weeks prior to the wedding date,  for content approval. 

 13. The church will be available for decorating two hours prior to the wedding.  The  

        church will be secured one hour following wedding.  Any deviation from these times 

        may mean additional fees of up to $100.

 14. Flowers for the sanctuary may be provided by a professional florist.  They should be   

       in keeping with the existing arrangements of the chancel furnishings

 15. Nothing may be attached to the pews, woodwork, walls or floor which could possible deface or mar them.  This includes such things as tacks, pins, nails, plastic adhesives and scotch tape.  The wedding hostess has elastic bands for the pews to which pew bows may be attached.

 16. NO rice, birdseed, or confetti is to be spilled, used, or thrown in any part of the church buildings, on the church grounds, or an the church walkways.

 17. NO smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the church building.

 18. The wedding rehearsal is customarily held the evening before the wedding.  Plan for the rehearsal to last two hour after everyone has arrived.  Please have everyone arrive promptly.

 19. The bride and groom are responsible for caring for the building during their use of the facilities.


Pastor Rev. Becky Goodwin.

GVUMC, 236 South Church Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945-6704

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