Homework Heaven  

Homework Heaven is open to students of all ages.  This is one-on-one homework and project help.  The tutoring time is every Wednesday from 3:30 PM through 4:30 PM during the school season.


Music practice for those interested begins at 4:30 PM.
Enter the church into the lower level off of Church Street.  The tutoring is held in our classrooms on this floor.

This is a safe and open environment where your child can receive free tutoring and guidance from some great folks.  We have tutors from many walks of life including retired teachers, engineers, business people and more. 

If your child is involved in Children’s Chimes, that program follows Homework Heaven in the same area of the church.  Here your child can get great free tutoring, free musical training and all grounded with the love taught to us by Jesus.

We always work to find the right tutor for each child.  There are openings for children and tutors. 

If you are interested please contact
Mary Liebke at: mailto:mliebke@yahoo.com
or (530) 273-3678
For tutoring volunteers, you will be required to have a great attitude and will be vetted through a background check.  That is an easy set of steps to help kids on their way to a great future!  To volunteer, contact Mary at:
mliebke@yahoo.com  or (530) 273-3678