Quilting and sewing are a big part of the culture and fun here in Grass Valley and Nevada County.


Prayers and Squares is a sewing ministry of the Grass Valley UMC.  This sewing ministry is very creative and fun.


We gather on the first and last Friday morning of each month, on the third floor of the church, to design and assemble lap size quilts for those who may be recovering from illness, or for celebrating occasions like graduations, moving away, or babies born.


Once the quilt is made, we put ties into it and have the Sunday Congregation tie knots and say a prayer over the knots.


This quilt is then given to the person for whom we are praying, along with the signatures of all those who have prayed over the quilt written on a greeting page .


If you are interested in joining our group,
contact Susie Ernst at:  (530) 432-8846 or email her at


You do not have to be a quilter – we will teach you.  What a great way to learn quilting in Grass Valley!  Come, join us, learn quilting or share your skills while enjoying the friendship of some great folks.