Circuit Writers’
Anyone who enjoys writing can join this group; no offensive materials, please.
The writers bring about half a dozen copies of their manuscripts and read them aloud.  The group then offers suggestions for improvements, and makes notes on the manuscripts, which are returned to the authors. We also share prayer requests and close with prayer.
Some members have had work published and some haven’t yet, but we all help each other improve our writing.
When a member gets a book published, they will sometimes have a book signing and sell copies during fellowship time on a Sunday.
This is better than a coffee house!
The Circuit Writers meet in the Susanna Wesley Room at 6:15 p.m. on the first Tuesday of almost every month. (Exceptions are made if that day falls on a major holiday, or if most members will be unavailable.)
The group is led by Janet Ann Collins, who is the author of several books for children, has been published in multiple anthologies and periodicals, and currently writes feature articles for
The Union newspaper.
For more information please contact her at or at