Adult Bible Study

There are currently three great choices for adult study classes  during the week.


Each of these classes offer personal and deeper insight into the an understanding of your relationship to Christ, beliefs, or religion.  The discussions are grounded in the Bible, yet are open and often lively.  It is amazing how we can open ourselves to a broader view through group study.  People often present ideas and interpretations that we may not have even thought about. Their studies vary with books, topics and direction.

We would love to have your insight added to the groups!
On MondayRev. Earl’s class, 1:30 PM
On Tuesday:  Special Studies class, 9:30 AM.
These two classes meet in room A
which is on the lower level of the church.
On Saturday: Bill Croker’s class, 9:30 AM,
Room E on the lower level of the church.
See you there!
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